Ingrid Morroy with Alter Chiropractic team

“Struggling with a lower back issue, I looked for a chiropractor who could put me back together in reasonable time so I could continue to feed my pickleball addiction. I chose Alter Chiropractic and I’m glad I did: Dr. Alter put together a treatment regimen using spinal decompression therapy in addition to traditional chiro treatment. I couldn’t be happier: three weeks into the treatment I was back on the courts! In addition, Dr. Alter’s staff members Haley and Erica demonstrate a genuine commitment to customer service and patient satisfaction the moment you walk into the door. I highly recommend Alter Chiropractic for your general health. (They also pick the best playlists to relax you while being treated!)”

β€” Ingrid Morroy

Alyssa Bercasio at Alter Chiropractic

“I’ve always complained of neck and back pain due to cumulative years of bedside nursing, which then limited me from performing at an optimum level with my day-to-day activities. So my friends suggested going to this amazing, professional, knowledgeable and well-skilled chiropractor. At first, I was hesitant since first and foremost, I’ve never ever been to one and my busy 12plus-hour day shift schedule in the hospital just won’t allow it. However, one day, I decided to just walk-in with my friend (did not set a schedule), and I was awestruck by the whole flow of the visit. 😊

Dr. Alter and his entire staff at Alter Chiropractic were beyond amazing from start to finish. His staff greeted me with welcoming smile and high positive energy. Then there goes Dr. Alter who carefully assessed my current issues, took x-rays, and clearly laid out the next steps in a very informative manner. For a first timer like me, you would think that β€œWow! I couldn’t ask for more.” Then there goes your next visit where he explained the whole plan plus the incredible first adjustment. Felt like a new person after that visit. Fast forward to today, I’m glad I decided to receive chiropractic care from Dr. Alter. The overall experience is superb. HIGHLY recommend. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½”

β€” Alyssa Bercasio

Sonya Lapaolo at Alter Chiropractic

“When you walk into the practice you are always greeted with kind words and a smile. The staff is very attentive, knowledgeable and there is very little wait time. Dr Alter does a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan. Following the plan I experienced pain relief, increased energy and improved quality of life. I am very grateful.”

β€” Sonya Iapaolo

Andre Soukhamthath at Alter Chiropractic

“Dr. Alter has been adjusting me for years. Not only is he GREAT, but the employees he surrounds himself with are some of the nicest, most welcoming people I’ve ever met. His methods are such a big help to my spine, stress levels, sleep, and daily function. As a professional MMA fighter, I need the best treatment. That is why I highly recommend Alter Chiropractic.”

β€” Andre Soukhamthath, UFC Fighter

“I love this place. Dr . Alter has greatly helped me to get to place of almost normalcy. I have neck pain with bulging discs that I was about to see a physical therapist with, but I’m glad I took a chance on him. I wasn’t able to wash my hair or keep my head up for long and I had such pain in my hands b/c of my neck. I cried the first time he told me all that was wrong. But now I can move better, wash my hair, take fewer breaks when trying to do ADLs. I’m really grateful. The staff are so kind too and very accommodating. I really like Yami and Haley. They are so sweet. If you are skeptical, just try them with a consultation and take it from there. He talks a little fast πŸ˜… but he knows exactly what he’s saying and why. I think it’s because he wants you to focus on the treatment and not so much what’s wrong with you so you can have a more positive outlook. Thank you guys so much.”

β€” Ronke Henshaw

Dr. Alter is a true blessing. I first entered his practice after throwing my back out at the gym. I hard a hard time even getting out of bed. With in two weeks, I was 90 percent better. I had been to chiropractic offices in the past, but never truly achieved results of this magnitude. He uses cutting edge medicine to treat you, and the results are clearly noticeable.

Lastly, Dr. Alter understands customer service. His front desk person by the name of Haley makes you feel like you are visiting family. It’s truly a positive experience from beginning to end.

We need more medical practitioners like this!

β€” Alec Burlakoff


β€” Rodrigo Lima

“I have seen several chiropractors over the years and I really appreciate Dr. Alter’s professionalism and caring attitude.

The staff is great, friendly and accommodating. Getting an appointment is easy and the facility is clean and new. I recommend Dr. Alter to all my friends in need of chiropractic services.”

β€” Dan Bouganim

“Dr Ryan Alter sets the standard for chiropractic adjustments. I have used many chiropractors in the past. His adjustments have given me the greatest relief. His office staff are super. I especially like being able to walk in with no appointment. Typically 15 minutes in and out keeps the stress level low.
I highly recommend Dr Alter to anyone seeking chiropractic service. He’s the best.”

β€” Kenneth Thornsbury

“I have been a patient of Dr. Alter for several years. I went to him with what thought was a chronic back pain but after examining me. Dr. Alter told me it would get better with treatment. After just a few treatments the improvement was noticeable. I continued going twice a month for maintenance and I haven’t had back pain again since.Β  I must also mention that Dr. Alter’s staff is extremely courteous, friendly, professional and efficient.”

β€” Antonio Jonusas

Stephen Simmons with Dr. Ryan Alter

“After experiencing back pain for years that limited my mobility and active lifestyle I found Dr. Alter’s practice and began treatment. From the moment I stepped into the office, the atmosphere was warm, professional and Dr. Alter was highly knowledgeable. After about a month of treatment, I had improved so much that I ran my first Spartan race and cannot imagine achieving this without his expert treatment. Highly recommended!”

β€” Stephan Simmons

“It’s a sincere pleasure to give Alter Chiropractic an outstanding 5 star review here! I have been seeing Dr. Ryan Alter for about 7 years and never needed him more than this past December when I developed intense leg pain – discomfort and pain when standing and walking. My nerve going down my leg was being compressed due to misalignment of my lower spine. I was frightened and concerned; felt my ability to walk any distance was at risk. His immediate diagnosis with x-rays proved accurate and he has been a saving grace. His plan to treat my issues reassured me he could help. Insurance did not cover chiropractic care so Alter Chiropractic offered a multi-visit plan that worked. Now, after regular visits since January, I am able to stand and walk distances without pain. I am mostly pain free but will continue to see Dr. Alter weekly to maintain alignment. Dr. Alter is thorough, professional and compassionate. His staff is friendly, efficient and so helpful with scheduling appointments. The office is beautifully appointed and clean. If you need a chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Alter ~ he helped me tremendously.”

β€” Marusca Gatto

“Dr. Alter and staff are great! He has helped me tremendously with my hip problem and now I can walk much better!”

β€” Diane Hauser

“Dr. Alter has been my chiropractor for approximately 5 years. I have been under the care of chiropractors for most of my adult life, due to an injury suffered in my early 20s and Dr. Alter’s periodic adjustments are keeping my body well-aligned and moving so well. I know I have more flexibility than I would have without these visits, plus, I am kept free of the severe, incapacitating pain I used to have before visiting Dr. Alter’s office. His office staff is top rate, too. It’s a pleasure to walk through the door to his office, and be welcomed by his smiling, friendly, capable Office Manager.”

β€” Carol Carlson

“Love Dr. Alter. Come in hurting and leave with a smile. Or, better yet come in regularly to avoid hurting. My arthritis is the Super Villian, but Dr. Alter is the Super Hero. Thanks Dr. Alter.”

β€” Phyllis Applebaum

“Ryan Alter is a very caring knowledgeable person. Answers your questions and has helped me tremendously. The girls are very friendly and helpful.”

β€” Marilyn Maulucci

“This place is no joke hands down, the best ever. Need a chiropractor that actually cares??? Stop the search, he is right here!! Dr. Alter is a beast and knows what he’s doing. He knows how to heal while making a personal connection. His office manager Haley is amazing at what she does. When I first called and explained my pain level … no questions asked had me in the same day. Long story short, this place is amazing!”

β€” Skip Richardson

“Happy to recommend the services of Dr. Alter. His staff is very welcoming and friendly. Dr. Alter is very thorough and professional and took time to explain my back condition. I have been to other chiropractors in the past and none of them ever took x-rays. Dr. Alter did and developed a treatment plan based on my needs. The pain I experienced was immensely reduced in a few visits and my back feels so much better within a short timeframe. I highly recommend his services.”

β€” Donna D’Ingillo

“DR Alter and staff are very welcoming. DR. Atler answers all my questions in layman terms and makes sure you understand all restrictions as you progress in you treatment. He is here to help clients towards a healthy life. He is #1 in my health care.”

β€” Pat Nyerges

“Im a new client and glad I found Dr. Alter.

He’s been able to fix the issues I had that my previous chiropractor couldn’t. Now my father and brother also see him regularly. Would highly recommend.”

β€” Sam Barney

Michael Randell at Alter Chiropractic

“This doctor cares about getting you healthy without pills or surgery. He’s incredibly well informed, has a top notch staff and a gorgeous office with cutting edge technology. I’ve been to 5-6 chiropractic doctors during my life. Dr. Ryan Alter is by far the best choice if you want to feel better. Walk in with pain, walk out with a smile. (Crawl-ins welcome)”

β€” Michael Randell

Rachel Pires at Alter Chiropractic

“Dr. Ryan Alter is an amazing chiropractor! He’s exceptional at what he does, passionate about his field, incredibly knowledgable, and always willing to go the extra mile. The staff are also incredibly friendly and helpful. My guess is they probably enjoy working there as much as I enjoy going there. It’s one of the best run doctor’s offices I’ve ever been to. Did I mention, you never wait! If you want the cream of the crop in Southeast Florida, this is where you go.”

β€” Rachel Pires

Brittany Cascone with Dr. Ryan Alter

“Dr. Alter has changed my life! I have suffered from chronic dizziness and other neurological symptoms since two back to back car accidents almost 7 years ago. After spending thousands of dollars and seeing hundreds of doctors, Dr. Alter has given me about 80% relief, specifically with neck pain, brain fog, and extreme anxiety. I can almost immediately tell when my Atlas and neck need to be adjusted because all of my symptoms, especially neurological return. The day after I see Dr. Alter, I am a new person! I will never go more than a week without seeing him because he has helped me get majority of my life back and I am FOREVER grateful! Him and his staff are warm, caring, and so professional! I love them ALL!!! :)”

β€” Brittany Cascone

Arielle Moskow at Alter Chiropractic

“Dr. Alter is hands down one of the best doctors that I have ever been to! He is incredibly kind and so patient in explaining every aspect of what he is doing and what he sees going on in the body. I was in a bus accident a year and a half ago and have suffered from a back injury and subsequent pain that I’ve been unable to get rid of ever since. After over a year of physical therapy and other treatments, I found myself at a bit of a stagnation before finding Dr. Alter. Just a couple weeks after seeing him I felt an extremely noticeable difference! Not only does he help to correct my pain issues, but his positive energy always helps to put a smile on my face! His office is also incredibly efficient – it is always, always, always a quick, no-wait in and out positive experience. I am SO grateful to have found Dr. Alter and could not recommend him more highly! :)”

β€” Arielle Moskow

Ira Kirsch in Alter Chiropractic

“When Dr Alter told me my condition was in the scope of chiropractic care that was good news to hear, i know that if it wasn’t he would not have taken my case

I was told my injury did not just happen overnight it took years and now it decided to let my body know how bad off i am.

Following x-rays and diagnosis we worked out a plan. Most importantly i had to acknowledge that my condition which developed over time, would take some time to correct, what was correctable.

Happy to report that in two weeks following the Doctors plan, i am seeing results to my satisfaction. Chiropractic care is a wonderful alternative to drugs and painkillers.
If your DC tells you it is within his scope of knowledge and skill, i would highly recommend it. For me it is better to diagnose and treat the cause rather than treat the symptom.
I am happy to have found Dr. Alter.
If within your travel distance and your looking for alternatives to drugs and Dr. Alter feels it is in the scope of his practice start on the road of healing.”

β€” Ira Kirsch

Suzi Durand at Alter Chiropractic

“Dr. Alter has helped my chronic headaches immensely. I’ve had headaches for as long as I remember, and very few things have helped. I no longer rely on an almost daily dose of ibuprofen to keep me feeling good. He is always able to fit me in, and the appointments are quick and thorough.”

β€” Suzanne Durand

Anthony Loveland and his dog in Alter Chiropractic

“Alter Chiropractic changed my life…. seriously!!

After several run in’s with my lower back and having such issues walking, moving, standing or just general movements due to sports, I felt helpless. Luckily, I was referred to Dr. Alter and after a short period of time, my entire outlook on life changed for the best. I simply do a maintenance program still to this day and I have never looked back. I could never thank this amazing practice enough. If you truly care about yourself or somebody else… you MUST see the office of Alter Chiropractic.”

β€” Anthony Loveland

Yolanda Mavros at Alter Chiropractic

“I highly recommend Dr. Alter as he is very knowledgeable about the spine and how it affects the rest of the body and our health.

I have been going to Alter Chiropractic for the past 7 years and I am very pleased with how good my back feels.”

β€” Yolanda Mavros

Lou Tobia with Dr. Ryan Alter

“If you are in need of a chiropractor and live in palm Beach County there is only one option. Go to the BEST !!! Dr. Ryan Alter is the man that will make you feel your best. Highly Recommend!!!”

β€” Lou Tobia

Paul Newman at Alter Chiropractic

“I am a snowbird from Boston who is very active with different sports. After playing golf one day my back started to spasm. Having used a chiropractor up north and not knowing anyone in the Delray area, I looked on line. Called Dr. Alter for an appointment which I got the same day.

All I can say is coming from a medical background, Dr. Alter and his staff were incredibly professional as well as very very personable. His procedures and techniques were all explained in a understandable manner.

The bottom line was two days later playing golf I hit the lowest score of my life with an 82. I can’t say if it was totally due to Dr. Alter’s adjustment, but it doesn’t matter.
HE HELPED ME !!!! I plan to continue to go to Dr. Alter during my time here.”

β€” Paul Newman

Jennifer Adams and her baby at Alter Chiropractic

“I have been a patient of Dr. Alter’s for about 7 years. My neck is very sensitive to general chiropractic care, and I only trust Dr. Alter and atlas specific adjustments. I first found him when I was having episodes of vertigo, and my brother, a chiropractor in Seattle, suggested I only see an atlas upper cervical chiropractor. A friend recommended Dr. Alter to me after hearing rave reviews about him, and I have been very happy ever since. The office staff is always polite and friendly, and I never have to wait. If your looking for chiropractic care with results I would highly recommend Alter Chiropractic.”

β€” Jennifer Adams

Robert Hemmer with Dr, Alter at Alter Chiropractic

“DR. Alter has helped me return to all my activities. Staff are very helpful – would recommend Dr. Alter for patients looking for good back health.”

β€” Robert Hemmer

Art Trager with Dr. Alter in Delray Beach

“Lifted something way too heavy and my back went out. I could NOT move…couldn’t get in and out of the car, bed, nothing…in a ton of pain. Went to see Dr. Ryan A. and within a week I was 30% better, and within 1.5 weeks, was 60% better. Still working on it but able to do most activities and much happier because pain is greatly reduced. He’s a straight shooter and will tell you what’s going on, what to expect, and treat you right. Nice office environment, nice staff, good location, plenty of parking.”

β€” Art Trager

Dawn and Amalia Chase in Alter Chiropractic

“Dr. Alter is the best. My mom who is 77 has been receiving treatments since Feb. 2023. She had limited mobility. On June 26,2023 my Labrador Retriever locked us out of our house. Mom was able to climb thru our window to get in the house. She had no pain and bended with ease thanks to the expert care from Dr. Alter.”

β€” Dawn Chase

Paul and Susan Cutler in Alter Chiropractic

“After Dr. Alter ‘s treatment plan worked 100% successfully on my wife, I decided to have him treat my chronic lower back pain, which I had been suffering with for years. I have been in treatment with Dr. Alter for about a year now and the results have been outstanding. The back pain is no longer an issue in my daily life. I look forward to my treatment sessions in the coming months and continue the great progress he has made to my well-being. Dr. Alter is a caring and very professional practitioner. In today’s world, there are so many poor care givers who really don’t offer the proper course of treatment. Dr. Alter is an exceptionally fine Chiropractor, who I would recommend to anybody in need of back treatment.”

β€” Paul and Susan Cutler

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