Payment Options

No Insurance

  • We have affordable care plans for everybody. Some patients pay in full for their care and save the most. Others get set up on a payment plan to make it super easy. We do have a small number of patients who pay per visit.

Health Insurance

  • With deductibles getting higher and higher, and copays sometimes as much as $60, health insurance is contributing less and less each year to patients’ chiropractic care. Our office will be happy to check your benefits for you and explain exactly how your insurance works. Most often patients pay for their care and if the insurance pays, they will be credited appropriately.
  • We accept your HSA, HRA, and Flex pay plans here!
  • For your convenience, all payment arrangements are made in advance.

Auto Injury

  • Auto injuries are usually paid for by your PIP insurance. (This is built into your auto insurance)
  • If you have an attorney, we will communicate with them if needed about an LOP – meaning we will provide treatment now, knowing it will not be paid for until your case settles.
  • Each case is looked at individually. The best thing to do is come in for a FREE consultation.


  • Medicare will cover some of what is typically done in a chiropractic office. When you come in for a FREE consultation with Dr. Alter, he will determine what is needed for your particular case and recovery. We can then explain what is covered and what is not covered by your Medicare BEFORE any treatment is done and any charges are incurred. Never any surprises here 🙂
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